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What We Offer

Retail and Equipment rentals to serve the AG industry. We’re also great for any equipment rental in the residential and commercial field.

How We Got Started

Our Story

Frank Flaman started the Flaman Business in 1995. For their own Farm work, Farmer John Johnson (Calven’s Father) and his sons Calven, Kendall & Keith Johnson who worked as grain farmers together, purchased a Disc from Flaman Equipment Dealer in Southey, SK. That’s how they got involved in the rental equipment business. Later they rented this disc out to Farmers in Southeast Saskatchewan and the idea to become a local Flaman Equipment dealer in Estevan, SK was born. John Johnson and his team started the Business officially in 2005. Today it’s owned by Calven Johnson.


A Team Of Professionals

Lana Andrist

Lana Andrist


Lana helps Calven stay organized in his day-to-day and on track with all his business projects. Call her in the office today if you have any questions at 306-634-9324 or cell: 306-471-8309.
Calven and his wife

Calven Johnson

Business Owner

Local to Estevan, Calven has been working as a farmer for 55 years, so it’s safe to say he knows the industry. Calven has built his business by being supportive and helpful to all of his customers, and he knows exactly what they need.

flaman rentals - johnson bros equip rentals 306-421-0280
flaman - in the field, on the road, or at home - we are right there with you
Where farming starts

Community Support

Day of Kindness pizza lunch
Day of Kindness pizza lunch

South Sask Rentals team enjoying the pizza that they donated with the staff and residents at St. Joseph’s hospital in Estevan’s Long-Term Care and Nursing Home, for the annual Day of Kindness.

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